Scooping Happiness

Handcrafted gelato made from finest ingredients.
Humble. Honest. Wholehearted.
Inspired by "Winnie The Pooh" story's ideologies of companionship and happiness.

Who we are

Scooping Happiness

Hundred Acre Creamery is passionate about making fresh gelato from quality ingredients. There is no artificial flavouring or colouring used.

We get inspiration from all meaningful experiences and joyful moments in which we were fortunate to taste something amazing and soul-soothing.

As all of our flavours have their own stories, while they are deeply personal to us, we hope they also bring you back to your memories of simple love and pure happiness.

Our Journey

Delivering Happiness

We love to experiment and see the chemistry between ingredients. By doing so, we wish to re-create and realise the flavours that we fall in love with and have given us moments of happiness.

Lots of our inspirations came from our childhood, our identity, our experiences of love, pure joy, and cultural discoveries.

We will always continue to explore flavours and deliver happiness through making and sharing tasty ice cream.

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