Scooping Happiness

Who we are

Scooping Happiness

Hundred Acre Creamery is passionate about making fresh gelato from quality ingredients. There is no artificial flavouring or colouring used.

We get inspiration from all meaningful experiences and joyful moments in which we were fortunate to taste something amazing and soul-soothing.

As all of our flavours have their own stories, while they are deeply personal to us, we hope they also bring you back to your memories of simple love and pure happiness.

Our Journey

Delivering Happiness

We love to experiment and see the chemistry between ingredients. We wish to re-create and realise the flavours that we fall in love with and have given us moments of happiness.

Lots of our inspirations came from our childhood, our identity, our experiences of love, pure joy, and cultural discoveries.

We will always continue to explore flavours and deliver happiness through making and sharing tasty ice cream.

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Our Flavours & Desserts

Hunny Bear

Our special signature flavour is handmade from milk, honey and premium saffron, which will light up your day and make you a happy loving hunny bear

Ca Phe

We fell in love with this premium coffee powder when traveling to a peaceful province in Vietnam and saw how the people there appreciated their coffee legacy.

Roasted Pistachio

This flavour is rich, nutty and completed by a addictively roasted taste of Sicilian roasted pistachio. Re-creating this flavour brought us back to our happy days in Italy.

Chocolate Sorbet

This chocolate sorbet is rich, creamy, and fragrant while being dairy-free and vegan-friendly. The best of the both worlds!


This flavour is inspired by Ferrero Rocher chocolate - our childhood's favourite. You will enjoy the taste of dark chocolate and the crunchy texture of roasted crushed hazelnut.

Thai Milk Tea

Our Thai Milk Tea flavour is comfortable, simple yet strong enough to light up your day and awaken your energy.

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte flavour is something simple, familiar and so Asian that we could never say no to.

Lilac Taro

A Teochew taro dessert that we deeply love inspires us to create this flavour, which is an expression of our appreciation for the pleasant and delightful taro taste that we grow up with.

Thai Tea Lychee

We discovered this interesting combination when experimenting with fresh lychees - our favourite tropical fruit, and Thai milk tea. It tastes like a refreshing summer day.

Creamy Coconut

Coconut flavour brings us back to our childhood summers when we used to happily enjoy the beaches, the sun, and fresh coconut desserts to ease the heat.


This flavour is inspired by renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé's dessert. Our Ispahan, created from rose flavour, homemade lychee and raspberry purees, will elegantly delight your taste buds.

Peach & Basil

The refreshing sweetness of homemade peach puree and the smell of fresh basil are well combined in this flavour. It brings us back to spring days when life is so simple and joyful.

Sea Salt
Butter Caramel

Just like two sides of life consisting of happiness and sadness, this sweet and savoury flavour reminds us to appreciate all moments in life.

& Osmanthus

This flavour came to us when we thought of our days in Taiwan, where we got amazed by the elegant combination of osmanthus and chrysanthemum tea.

Blue Pea White Chocolate & Nori

The idea to combine sea salt nori and white chocolate came to us when we were trying to incorporate the ocean vibe to the lovely baby blue colour of this flavour.


This dessert consists of coconut gelato and irresistible avocado cream. We got the inspiration of this from the tranquil vibe of Dalat, a beautiful highland city in Vietnam.


The combination of our special coconut pandan waffle, coconut ice cream, yummy toppings and fragrant gula melaka sauce will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Life of A Coconut

This "addictive" dessert consists of our creamy coconut gelato, hand-toasted coconut flakes, homemade roasted nuts, and chewy attap seeds.

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