Gift Card T&C


Your Hundred Acre Creamery (HAC) Gift Cards are as good as cash.

HAC Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash or credit balance. Any excess amount cannot be converted to cash or to online vouchers.

HAC Gift Cards can be used for making walk-in purchases at HAC stores in Singapore only.

HAC Gift Cards cannot be used on all online delivery platforms and HAC website.

Customers must present their HAC Gift Cards to the staff and let the staff stamp the cards when making purchases with the cards at HAC stores.

Every HAC Gift Card has a unique serial number.

HAC Gift Cards can be used on top of all on-going promotions available at HAC stores.

Customers can use more than one HAC Gift Card at one time. 

HAC reserves the right to reject a HAC Gift Card that is damaged, worn out, torn, broken or lost.

HAC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of HAC Gift Cards if necessary. 

Use of this Gift Card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.